Havana during a hurricane with big waves crashing against the seaside wall and debris on the street

Building Hurricane Safe Structures

If you were planning on building a commercial building in Florida, you may have already been aware that there were laws in place that require certain building codes to be followed to ensure that the building can withstand certain hurricane elements. However, when Hurricane Irma blew through, many people learned that their buildings were still not safe and additional considerations could have been taken. If you are preparing to build any new buildings, you may want to ensure that you are building hurricane safe structures. Here is some information you may want to know if you are in this situation.

What Are Hurricane Safe Structures?

Contrary to what many people believe, a hurricane safe structure is not designed to make it out of a hurricane unscathed. There may be damage done to the building due to a hurricane. A hurricane safe structure is designed to withstand certain elements from a hurricane and still be structurally sound. This means that while some elements may become damaged, the building will still be standing and simply in need of cosmetic repairs, rather than large, structural repairs.

If you are looking to construct a hurricane safe structure, one of the most important factors to consider is what hurricane category level you want your building to withstand. There is a big difference between a building built to withstand category three hurricanes and category five hurricanes. Consider how close to the coast your building will be, the level of past hurricanes that have hit and what building code requires for the area you are building in.

What Elements Can Hurricane Safe Structures Withstand?

Hurricane safe structures are designed to withstand many different elements that hurricanes bring along with them. This typically includes rain, flooding, and strong winds. It may also include withstanding tornados that touch down as the result of the hurricane or surges from ocean water coming back. The elements that are needed vary based on the specific location you are building in and the elements that a hurricane carries along with it. But typically, most include being able to withstand certain wind levels, flood levels and heavy periods of rain.

What Factors Should You Consider When Hiring a Company to Construct Hurricane Safe Structures?

There are many factors you should consider when you are looking to hire a company to construct a hurricane safe structure. The first question you should ask is what experience they have building hurricane safe structures and how their structures have fared in past hurricanes. If they are a new company, they may not have had any of their buildings survive a hurricane yet, which won’t give you the information you need.

Next, be sure to ask them what differentiates their company from the other construction companies out there who construct hurricane safe structures. They should have a list of vendors that they are certified by and possibly awards that show they have the skills and education to be a leader in this industry.

Another factor to consider is the options they give you. When it comes to hurricane-proofing a building, there are many different products you can pick from. The construction company should provide you with options that offer the durability you need in a design option that appeals to you.

The last factor you want to consider when selecting a company to construct a hurricane safe structure for you is the reputation of the builder. Read up on the builder online and check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of this will help you to determine if you are hiring a reputable company to help you construct a good, solid building that can withstand all of the elements a hurricane can bring with it.

Building Safe With MH Williams

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