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Commercial General Contractors: What, When, and Why

Developers and business owners considering commercial construction in Florida face significant challenges, should you decide to negotiate the process alone. Construction management for projects large and small require years of experience and expertise to adapt and overcome unforeseen obstacles.

An investor can certainly hire wide-ranging subcontractors and piece together a project. However, unanticipated design flaws, work stoppages, and delays often prove expensive. Keep in mind, no one will occupy the proposed space until it’s completed and passes inspection. That’s why MH Williams, based out of Melbourne, delivers Florida construction services that help developers, business owners, and investors complete projects on time and on budget. Before acting as your own general contractor or hiring an upstart outfit, consider the following.

What Does A Commercial General Contractor Do?

As experienced commercial contractors, our team of professionals has the ability to deftly oversee a project. Management is thorough from the drawing room to the ribbon cutting. Top-tier construction management in Florida often requires rigorous oversight of expenditures, workforce scheduling, and coordination between key stakeholders, as well as local officials. There are significant moving parts and a commercial general contractor is the glue that holds it all together. These are things our team of determined professionals manages.

  • Pre-Construction Services: Before any ground-breaking, a quality construction company engages in a thorough review of the blueprints, salient building codes, preliminary budget, and analysis of these issues for potential sticking points. By eliminating potential early missteps, a project can be completed on time and on budget.
  • Materials: The value of precise material and equipment cannot be understated. Commercial builders in every sector need materials that fulfill design requirements and meet or exceed building code standards. A commercial general contractor ensures subcontractors have what they need and knows when to properly substitute materials, if necessary.
  • Subcontractors: Managing subcontractors ranks among the most wasteful and frustrating aspects of industrial construction. It’s not uncommon for the outsourced crew to have multiple ongoing projects. Timing electricians, masons, and plumbers can be tricky. Suffering delays can have a domino effect and cause wide-reaching and costly setbacks.
  • Logistics: Things like office building construction are no longer a matter of calling an area building supply distributor and ordering materials. Living in the technology age means products and materials move globally and supply chains call for next-generation tracking.

Simply put, working with a leading commercial general contractor helps avoid missteps, keeps the project on time, and avoids unnecessarily wasted resources. Isn’t that what you want from a commercial general contractor?

When Should You Work with Commercial Construction Contractors?

In terms of when to bring a construction management team on board, savvy investors typically consider reaching out to secure pre-construction services. The earlier you enlist a commercial construction firm, the better your chances of avoiding problems. MH Williams has been a leading commercial general contractor Florida investors have worked with in the following capacities.

  • Office building construction
  • Hotel contractor & hotel builders
  • Hospital construction contractors
  • Shopping center construction
  • Car dealership construction
  • Automotive construction
  • Bank building contractors
  • Manufacturing building contractor
  • Design builders & design build contractors
  • Medical office construction
  • Apartment contractors & apartment construction

Experienced Florida business owners, developers, and investors usually learn early in their careers that enlisting a top-tier commercial general contractor saves them time and money. This is because having a firm that understands time and resource management in this niche sector can make the difference between opening on time or scurrying to gain additional funding to complete the project. One of the critical reasons that some projects fall into bankruptcy is the lack of determined oversight.

Why MH Williams Is A Commercial General Contractor Florida Developers Trust

Based in Melbourne, MH Williams has been helping industry leaders turn their vision into a reality for more than three decades. From the drawing board to turning the key at your grand opening, our diligent Florida construction services check and double-check every logistical item. Our team ensure your project does not run into unnecessary cost overruns or miss important deadlines.

By contacting MH Williams before starting your potentially lucrative project, our team will work closely with you and key stakeholders to get the job done right. Contact us today!