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The Difference in Having an Experienced Project Manager

When you are looking to complete a construction project, you may be thinking of hiring a project manager. A project manager oversees the entire construction project from beginning to the end. They help ensure all of the materials are ordered and arrive on time. They hire any subcontractors that are needed to complete tasks, such as electricians and plumbers. And they ensure the proper permits are pulled and construction approval is completed to keep your project on task. As you look to hire a project manager, you may come across a new company or manager. However, before you hire them, you should know why hiring an experienced project manager can make all the difference.

An Experienced Project Manager Has Vendors They Work With

One of the upsides of working with an experienced project manager is they already have a list of vendors and specialists that they have worked with in the past. They know which electricians they trust to get the job done in a timely manner and which suppliers can deliver the goods you need for your project to be completed timely. They also know which plumbers did a good job and which suppliers they have had trouble with getting supplies delivered on time. A new project manager is looking to build up their vendor list. They will come across both good and bad vendors, essentially making you a test dummy for this task. You do not want your project held up or poor work done as the new project manager looks to fine tune their vendor list.

An Experienced Project Manager Knows How the City Works With Permits and Inspections

Another benefit of working with an experienced project manager is that they know how the city or county works in regards to permits and inspections. They know how many days out they need to request a permit or an inspection. Unfortunately, the permit and inspection process varies based on the city issuing or completing them. One city may be far behind and it can take weeks for an inspection. An experienced manager knows this and will schedule this inspection weeks out, even before the work is complete to ensure the work can be signed off on so the project can proceed. An inexperienced manager may not know where the inspection and permitting process stands and may request what they need only as they need it. If there are delays with getting permits or inspections, it can shut down your entire project until you get what you need. This can cost you money and put your project behind. Trust an experienced project manager who knows how and when to obtain the permits and inspections you need.

An Experienced Project Manager Knows How Things Flow

The last benefit of hiring an experienced project manager is that they have had a lot of experience working on construction projects. As such, they know how things flow and have a general idea as to the timeline for completing specific tasks. This helps them determine what supplies to bring in and when and what professionals to bring in. An inexperienced manager may not know how things flow. As such, they may fail to bring in a plumber until it is clear they need one, leaving the project stagnant until one can get there. Or they may bring the plumber in to soon, having a professional just sitting around getting paid, without any work to do. Ensuring things flow smoothly helps gets your project done and helps you stick to the budget.

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