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Everything You Need to Know About Post Construction

Here it is – the day has finally arrived. You’re standing in front of your new building with scissors in hand, ready to cut the ribbon. Throngs of people are here to celebrate the occasion, and the pressing in of the reporters and cameras are proof that your promotional campaign worked. And so ends the journey of constructing your building. Or is it the end?

While this picture may look like the happily ever after for your business, the reality is that it is far from over. In fact, in many ways, the journey is only beginning. Post-construction, the final phase of the construction process for commercial buildings, involves much more than just clean up. It consists primarily of the relationship between you and your contractor as they begin the hand-off process to you, the new caretaker for the building. Much is involved in the process. What are the key things you need to look for? Our expert team will show you some good pointers.

5 Big Things to Know About Post Construction

  1. Warranties

Any good builder will follow through with the warranty and fix any problems that pop up post construction. But if a builder takes the time to go over each warranty that covers the building with you and explains how they apply to you is considered exceptional. Our team at MH Williams Construction does exactly that. Knowing how your warranties can be put to work for you empowers you to manage your new building with pride.

  1. Follow-Up Checkups

The beautiful thing about a great design-build company is that they will come to see how you’re doing with the new building long after construction is over. At MH Williams, we’ll check in periodically with you to ensure you are just as satisfied today as you were when the ribbon was cut for your new building.

  1. Facility Expansion Track Records

It’s important for you to plan facility expansions early on in your construction plans, but how about your builder’s track record for them? Some builders do exceptionally well at them. Others…not so much. That’s why you must scrutinize the track record of every builder for their reputation on facility expansions. Do your homework before you commit to signing the contract.

  1. Smooth Turnovers

Building companies typically deal with frequent turnover staff, but that should not affect the quality of construction for your new building, let alone following up with expansions and post-construction work. How are turnovers handled at the builder’s company? Is there a solid training program and company culture in place? At MH Williams, we are proud to say that our company has an established system that produces consistent results every time.

  1. New Projects

This may seem contradictory for a post-construction phase, but it makes sense when you think about it. If you’re happy with how your builder is handling your post-construction phase, that’s a huge impact for new projects on your facility in the future. Whether they be facility expansions or new buildings of their own, pay attention to the quality of work your builder gives you to determine whether it is wise to continue moving forward with them.

Your Design-Build Partner from Beginning to End

As you have probably figured out, the difference between a mediocre builder and a great one is how involved they are in their professional relationship with you in the post-construction process. Are they just going through the motions with you to move on to the next customer, or do they truly care about your needs and the craftsmanship they provided to you? At MH Williams construction, we go above and beyond with our clients, and our reputation is strong because of it. See for yourself in our portfolio on our website. No matter what stage you are in with the construction process of your building, feel free to ask us questions about what makes our post construction process different from the rest of the pack. Call us today to see how we can meet your needs!