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How Green Contractor Certifications Play A Role In Construction

There are a lot of different industries that employ a wide range of skills. One of the most unique positions in the workforce is that of a green builder. This specialized position is one that is highly desirable and takes a lot of training and experience to be successful. The concept of green building is found in a large range of careers that include positions of engineer, interior design, architect, and construction management. If you are thinking of hiring a construction group with a green contractor, you might be surprised to learn how beneficial they can be to your overall build.

The Role of a Green Builder

The position of a green builder spans across several industries. One of the most prevalent is that of construction work. It is here that the green builder must pick out materials for use and work with many people in order to see that the construction job is completed on time and on budget. Because of their importance, a green build must have unsurpassed knowledge in their field of expertise in sustainability. They must know all about the science and technology behind the job.

How Green Builders Differ From Other Builders

Green builders work with highly skilled individuals. Many times, they are the connecting point between a job and other related fields. Architectural companies, inspectors, and specialized workers are their clients. It is not uncommon for them to spend a whole day on the construction site organizing and working with plans and people.

Starting out green builders must obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. They spend time in the classroom searching out the skills they will need. While training in the classroom, they must focus on a specialized field. They must also get certified as a green builder with the state they plan on working in. Field experience is always a much-desired facet of their training.

Key skills that a green contractor brings to the job-site that might be more advanced than the average builder includes:

  • The ability to think analytically
  • The ability to make decisions and implement those decisions
  • The desire to work overtime and longer hours to make deadlines
  • The desire to grow in the position
  • The ability to work with all types of people in a wide range of job fields

Green builders are highly desirable. This means that they advance quicker in the job and are usually hired before others seeking the same job position that do not have the necessary training.

Steps to Being a Green Builder

After the undergraduate and field training has taken place, it is always beneficial to pursue further training to advance as a green builder. A graduate degree would be highly beneficial to anyone seeking to move beyond the basics of the position. The graduate degree is usually a one- or two-year program beyond college. The student focuses on the principles of adaptation and sustainability to advance their career.

There are many certification programs that one can dive into but usually the Associate’s Constructor (AC) exam is first, and then followed by the Certified Practitioner exam. Certification also means that continuing education has to be a part of a green builder’s life. Continuing education helps the person stay current on the latest technology developments in the field.

Working With A Certified Green Contractor

If getting a green certification requires continuous work and learning for an individual, you may be able to get an insight as to how much a difference these professionals can make when on-site during a build. This specialized field of study is highly desirable with retail builders, automotive builders, hotel builders, and just about every other construction type. At MH Williams, we have two certified green contractors that can help determine the most environmentally safe path for your next build. Contact us online today to see the difference that a certified green contractor can make for your next project.