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How to Find Out if Your Contractor is Licensed

Whether you’re looking for office builders, hotel builders, shopping center builders, or other services for construction management in Florida, it’s important to know who you’re hiring before you make a selection. You’ll want to compare professionals to determine the right one. For instance, you should see if the contractor is licensed or not. So, how do you find this information?

View the Company’s Website

First and foremost, you should visit the company’s website. Learn what types of services they provide, such as if they are hotel builders or shopping center builders. Know exactly what types of markets they serve, so you know if the contractor can handle your particular project.

Make sure you read more about the contractors via their website. Consider their experience as well as their expertise.

View the Contractor’s License In-Person

When you meet with the contractor, ask them for their license number. Inquire about looking at the physical license. If they’re a bit hesitant, they might not be telling you. They might be merely stating they have a license to get the job.

Check Out the Better Business Bureau’s Site

First, visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s site. To become part of the BBB, a contractor must have the proper licensure and insurance. During the comparison process, customers have the ability to voice their opinion on the BBB’s site. If someone makes a negative report about the company, it could be incorporated into the rating. You can then use this information to help you decide.

With this site, you can not only determine if the contractor has the proper licensure, but you can also see how other people felt about their experience to help you decide.

Visit Your State’s Licensing Board

Another way to verify a license is to check with your state’s website. Visit a state’s official website and search for a contractor to verify them. You may be able to search using the name or license number. You can also use information, such as the license type and location.

A computer does not have to be used for this method to work optimally. Often, government sites are mobile friendly because officials understand that many people use their cell phones to make searches. With this method, you merely go to the site by using this email, find where the information regarding contractors is, and search.

If you feel some of the information is missing, try contacting your state’s licensure department. They might be able to verify information further over the phone. Additionally, you could stop in person to speak with a representative to finish the most accurate information.

When your current choice for a contractor isn’t licensed, keep in mind that you can also find listings for contractors online like MH Williams Construction Group. Use this information to help you find the right contractor for your job and ensure they have a license.

Local Builder’s Associate

Reach out to the local builder’s association. Ask if they have any information regarding the contractor’s license. You’ll want to know if the license is both valid and up-to-date.

Confirm the Contractor Has Insurance

Besides licensure, any company that specializes in construction management in Florida should have a valid insurance policy. Even if the office builders, hotel builders, shopping center builders, or other commercial construction builders state they have insurance, you shouldn’t accept that as truth.

Make sure you get their policy number and confirm this with their insurance to protect you and your business from a potential lawsuit.

Contact Previous Clients for Your Referrals

Ask the company about any referrals they can provide you. Call the previous clients and ask about their experiences. You can definitely confirm that a contractor has the proper licensure by reaching out to former customers. They can provide you with information about whether the contractor has insurance as well as the contractor has a solid reputation. They’ll provide you with any insight, which can help you decide if that’s the right contractor for you.

Check Online Reviews

This could be especially important after you already determined a builder has the proper license. It can confirm the reputability of the company. Additionally, you’ll be able to see that other people trusted these contractors to find the problem. They’ll also ask about their licensure, which just gives you first peace of mind.

Contact MH Williams Construction Group

A licensed contractor is important no matter what stage of the job you find yourself. Whether it is for the whole project from start to finish, or just a few aspects of a build, contact the trusted experts at MH Williams Construction Group. Our licensed contractors will help you in every way possible.