How the Layout of Your Office Affects Employee Communication

How the Layout of Your Office Affects Employee Communication

The layout of your office space has a greater impact on your work team’s performance than you might think. Depending on how it’s structured, the design of these areas harness the power to make or break the effectiveness of your company. It can impact performance, morale, and even company culture. Planning the layout for an office space is a long-term commitment, so it’s important to take it under consideration from the start. Which designs are more user-friendly at the workplace? We’ll share some insight with you from leading industry experts.

Open or Closed: Which to Choose?

Closed off cubicle office spaces have long been the norm for decades. But as time marches on and trends have changed, non traditional open spaces are becoming popular. Closed off cubicles leave employees isolated and could create division in your team, which has a direct impact on company drive and morale. Open spaces with couches, libraries, and even coffee bars foster more creativity and bring workers together.

Closed cubicle spaces aren’t necessarily a bad thing, however. They allow workers to focus on getting their projects done, which might be more difficult in an open space. To ensure that employees are working and not wandering off, you might want to implement a text message or Google chat system. Whichever design you choose, make sure that the whole interior is adequately air conditioned and heated. Nothing hampers company production faster than offices that are too hot, too cold, or stale!

As you can see, neither type of office space layout is truly superior to the other, but the best layout consists of a combination of both. Consulting a professional group like MH Williams Construction is wise to help you determine the right balance for your company.

Decor Makes A Difference

How an office space is designed on the inside is just as important as the construction itself. To boost company morale, try painting the walls with neutral colors. A light and bright pallets is shown by recent studies to improve the mood and productivity of your workers. For closed cubicles, you can allow workers to design them as they like, so long as they adhere to basic policy procedures. Adding accessories like house plants and art will also help to enrich dull interior spaces. They will also aid in fostering creativity and moving forward with projects.

Round shaped furniture is also known for promoting a sense of unity in people as opposed to furniture that is square. Providing interesting pieces of decor like these examples also serve as strategic conversation pieces with clients and key figures in the company.

Organize Spaces by Company Structure

While you’re thinking about the design and layout of your office spaces, it’s pertinent to mention that they directly impact the functionality of your company’s operations. It makes more sense to assign everyone in the same department to a single space that streamlines communication. If you end up placing them in different rooms, have them next to each other for easy access. Make sure that everyone has the technology and tools they need to carry out the tasks you assign the most to do, too.

MH Williams Construction: Your Choice in Successful Office Layout Design

If you’re seeking a dependable commercial contractor for your office space, consider MH Williams Construction as your partner. We take pride in working with our customers like you to help them achieve their visions for a successful future. Familiar with budget planning before it was even known as a buzzword, our experts at MH Construction look out for you where your funds are concerned. We understand what it takes to transform a dream of a building into a reality of one, so we’ll help you step by step to get there.

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Share them with us. Our well trained staff will be glad to assist you in your needs. Together, we’ll do whatever it takes to produce whatever you have in mind into a remarkable reality done right the first time.