Building History Since 1987

Built on quality and customer satisfaction, MH Williams Construction Group, Inc. is a full service commercial construction company to a wide range of industries. We provide each owner with the highest quality product, in the shortest amount of time, and with the best customer service.


Building strong relationships is one of our core company values, and we know that external customer service is only impactful if our internal company culture is priority. With over 30 years of insight into the construction industry and beyond, our world-class employees are the heart of our success and experience. Each brings a vast array of expertise and diversity to the company.

This strong internal company culture permeates to our customers, and the majority of our business comes from repeat clients and client referrals. This underscores our commitment to delivering high quality projects on time and on budget in an environment of professionalism and collaboration. Our team works tirelessly to exceed every project's distinct goals while fulfilling each client's unique service needs.


Our company has two LEED Accredited Professionals on staff which allows us to deliver buildings that capitalize on environmental efficiencies and various financial incentives offered by the state and local communities. We help our clients to improve their bottom line over the life cycle of their building, while helping to serve the larger good of operating environmentally responsible facilities.

Core Values


In our daily work and business, we are whole and undivided.


There is no sacrifice in quality when you choose us as your construction partner.


Every aspect of your project, in our hands, will be fulfilled beyond expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our mission to create a culture of satisfaction for our clients, from build concept to completion, every time.


We strive to be excellent in everything we do. Holding ourselves to a higher standard allows us to provide our clients with top-quality services.


We are able to achieve excellence in the industry due to 30 years of experience and masterful daily applications of our knowledge.


Our dedication to our community is as excellent as our dedication to our building projects.


It is our duty to use our growing success as a method of giving back.


With over a billion square feet of building construction under their combined belts, our M.H. Williams Executive Team is comprised of several very familiar and trustworthy names in the construction industry. M.H. Williams prides ourselves in providing the highest quality of work with experienced guidance from our seasoned team of executives and constantly striving for excellence.

Project Management Experience

M.H. Williams is extremely proud to maintain one of the highest levels of safety and low-work related injury scores in the industry, thanks to Vice President of Operations, Randy Trent. Randy is one of the few LEED Accredited Professionals in the United States today and has had extensive job site safety training as well as following bid procedures that have led to the winning of many jobs for M.H. Williams, saving millions of dollars for clients.

Pre-Construction Expertise

M.H. Williams has maintained very high standards of quality work in the areas of estimating, bidding, and project management. We have worked with thousands of recognized expert subcontractors and vendors for more than 33 years in Central Florida so we recognize who the best fit is for each upcoming project.

Environmentally Sustainable Construction

With a passion for green buildings and the need for sustainable options for owners, Michael Williams, Jr. has made incredible strides in the industry as the M.H. Williams Vice President of Construction. Michael has adopted the “Green Contractor Certification” process set forth by the Associated Builders and Contractors for M.H. Williams which has proven time and time again to save dollars for our clients and has also obtained the LEED Certification.

Satisfied Customers

MH Williams Construction Group, Inc.

has a proven track record with clients across the Southeast. We have a diverse and unparalleled portfolio of successfully completed projects. Most of all, ethical business practices, and a genuine commitment to our people and community set us apart from the competition.

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