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What Are Pre-Construction Services?

There are several steps involved in commercial construction. From start to finish, whether it’s retail construction, hotel construction, industrial construction, or office building construction, the business needs a quality construction company that has the confidence and knowledge from pre-construction all the way through the post-construction phases of a project.

With everything that needs to be planned and executed, it’s a complicated process that is done best with a skilled team of construction managers and contractors from a reputable company. At MH Williams Construction Group, located in Melbourne, Florida, this process is our specialty. We know exactly what needs to be done as part of your pre-construction services to get any construction project off to the right start. Here are some of the tasks that are completed for pre-construction services by commercial contractors with MH Williams.

Why Pre-Construction Services Are Important

In general, pre-construction services are those steps that take place before the actual construction happens. It’s all part of the planning phase and preparing to make sure the commercial build is a successful one. Success includes how a client’s budget is followed and that regulations required are met. Some of the major steps are outlined below and can help you understand why pre-construction is important.

Step #1: Creating a Project Model

A project model can be executed with software that is designed to create a Building Information Model (BIM). This goes through the entire design of the building project in 3D form. A model like this can truly give the client an excellent idea of what the actual project will look like when it’s completed. The visualization is important for the client since this can allow the contractor to figure out changes and adjustments that may be needed during the planning phase.

Step #2: Estimating the Cost

Obviously, this is a huge part of the pre-construction service process. A main component is figuring out exactly how much the finished commercial construction project will cost for a client. This analysis will take into account variables in design choices the client needs to make. Additionally, it will identify certain issues that may come up once the project gets underway. All characteristics are added up to finalize costs including factors like labor, materials, equipment, permits, and subcontractors.

Step #3: Scheduling and Planning the Logistics

With construction management, scheduling and planning are a vital part of the logistics needed to set up a timeline of the project. This task includes bid releases, meetings, permits, inspections, and other scheduling dates with outside entities that are necessary to complete the construction build. One of the most important parts of this step is securing permits by going through multiple agencies to accomplish this task. It’s a genre of state and federal regulations that need to be navigated the proper way.

Step #4: Getting All the Materials Needed

The supply chain that needs to be activated during a project to procure the best price for all the materials is important. It’s geared towards keeping the budget on track. Only the most skilled construction project managers know how to work with the best supply companies to get the right prices. Working with knowledgeable commercial construction contractors who have decades of experience, like MH Williams, will keep your project cost-effective, and set up correctly to start the beginning of the actual commercial construction.

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Of course, this is a small sampling of the steps needed to complete pre-construction services on any commercial build. Each step is much more involved than it can ever be explained on paper. If you are looking for the absolute best in commercial construction builders, you’re in good hands with MH Williams Construction Group. With experience in so many different industries like auto, hospitality, retail, and industrial, our goal is to make your project as seamless as possible from start to finish. If you have questions about pre-construction services or any part of the construction process, give us a call or send us a message today.