Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning A Build

Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning A Build

In Florida construction services, it doesn’t get any more skilled than MH Williams Construction Group. As industrial builders, we specialize in all types of commercial construction projects to make sure that your business has everything it needs to plan a build and execute it perfectly. Being a part of a new commercial construction project can be a stressful undertaking. But we’re going to make it as seamless and productive as possible. From design and admin work to supervision and management, we exceed expectations on many different types of projects.

Whether you are starting office building construction, need hotel builders, or general contractor commercial construction, we’ll impress you with our high quality construction company. In order to prepare for a commercial build, there are some questions you should ask yourself before starting. Let’s learn about getting ready for pre-construction services with all the right questions you need to go through when hiring MH Williams Construction Group.

Have Your RFP (Request for Proposal) Ready

Before you hire the right commercial Florida construction company, you’ll have your RFP (request for proposal) ready. This document outlines publicly exactly what your organization is looking for in contracting bids. This RFP includes a little bit about how your organization is run, your expectations of cost for your build, and a reasonable schedule to get the project done.

Interviewing Commercial Construction Contractors

Once you narrow down commercial construction contractors that you want to interview, there are questions that you should ask. This will help you figure out which industrial construction company is the best fit for you. Each one will bring a little bit of a different feel to your project. With all of these questions in hand, you’ll be able to address red flags that come up. MH Williams Construction Group is always ready to take the time to answer all of your questions fully. You’ll feel comfortable trusting us with your important construction management needs.

4 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Commercial Contractor

Question #1: How Long Have They Been Doing Commercial Construction?

This is an important question to ask since you need to know how much experience a company in commercial construction has. Hopefully, the company will be able to outline some of their past clients and the types of builds they specialize in. This helps ensure the type of work they do aligns with the vision you have for your project.

Question #2: Do They Have All the Right Licenses and Insurance?

You don’t want anything to do with a company that can’t specify all the contracting licenses they have. With their contracting license number, you’ll be able to make sure they are legal and above-board in that specific industry. It’s also a good idea to look into whether they have any court cases around their business or if they’ve lost any judgments against them in the past.

Insurance is vital for things like worker’s compensation in the event of any structural failures or damage during the work. You need to know how the commercial construction company will handle problems and claims that come up.

Question #3: What’s the Ultimate Timeline and Cost For Your build?

You have to know exactly how long the estimate is on the completion of the project and the total cost. You don’t want a vague outline of this. Sure, there will be things that come up during the project that may delay the outcome, such as supply chain issues, changing regulations, or weather issues, but knowing how the construction management will handle that is key. Ask exactly who will be handling the day-to-day management updates, so that you’ll be informed about how things are going each day with your project.

Question #4: Who Will Settle Disputes ?

If something does come up with the commercial construction company and you are in a disagreement about something, it is important to know who will settle those disputes. Is there some kind of arbitration process set up with a third party to help? Hopefully nothing out of the ordinary comes up. But in case it does, the company should let you know about the process.

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