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The Role Of A Construction Manager  

When you are ready to begin commercial construction in Florida, it is highly recommended that you utilize a construction management service. A construction management service provides you with a construction manager, who oversees many of the major parts of your construction project. Most people are not familiar with what a construction manager is or what role they play in a commercial construction project. Here are some of the key tasks that a construction manager completes.

Prepares Contracts

One of the tasks that a construction manager completes is contracts. When you are constructing a commercial project, such as a school, warehouse, hospital, shopping center, office building, hotel, or car dealership, there are many different contacts that need to be prepared. There needs to be a contract with the commercial construction project, contacts with the vendors for materials and contracts with subcontractors. A construction manager can prepare all of these contracts and ensure they are legally binding.

Sets a Schedule for the Construction Project

When a commercial construction project starts, the schedule or timeline is important. A commercial construction manager will put together a timeline. This timeline will detail what projects need to be completed by when, in order to have the entire project completed by the date you need it completed by. Having a set schedule is important, as it determines when materials will be delivered, what contractors need and when, and how payments will be issued. The construction manager puts together a schedule and has his crew work to stick to that schedule.

Obtains Permits and Licenses

Different commercial projects need different permits and licenses. A construction manager is familiar with the permits and licenses that you will need to legally complete your project. They will obtain the permits and licenses, and schedule inspections with building inspectors as needed.

Orders and Obtains the Materials and Products for the Project

A construction manager is also tasked with ordering and obtaining the materials and products that are needed for the commercial construction project. They will work with you to select materials that speak to you, while also ensuring the materials fit within the budget that you have placed on the project. The construction manager has to be deliberate about the amount of products they order, as they do not want to over order or under order. They also have to ensure the products and materials will be delivered or available for pick-up when they are needed, so as to not bring construction to a halt.

Inspects and Reviews the Project

As construction gets underway, a construction manager will visit the construction site regularly. While there, they will inspect and review the project. They will ensure that construction is coming along as scheduled, and will do quality checks to ensure the job is being completed. They will interact with contractors and sub-contractors and get a feel for where the project stands at any given time. A construction manager should always be able to answer any questions you have about the project, including how construction is coming along.

Handles Any Unexpected Events

The final task that a construction manager does is to handle any unexpected events. The weather may cause delays, as can workplace accidents. A construction manager will work to address any unexpected events that can slow a project down, and work hard to make up the lost time, while still maintaining the integrity of the project. They will readjust the timeline as needed and ensure contractors and materials show up when they are needed.

Hiring A Construction Manager 

A construction manager can be vital to your commercial construction project. If you are looking to complete a commercial construction project in Florida, MH Williams Construction Group Inc. can help you. We provide commercial management services, as well as commercial contractors. We can help you every step of the way with your commercial construction project. Contact us today to get started.