Things to Consider When Building Medical Facilities

Things to Consider When Building Medical Facilities

If you are looking to build a medical facility, there are many things you need to consider when selecting land, designing your plans and ultimately, constructing the building. Here are a few of the things that you need to carefully consider as you go about building a brand new medical facility from the ground up.

The Size of the Space You Need

Medical facilities are often large spaces. Not only do you need space to see patients in, but you need space to store medical records and for patient waiting rooms. Carefully consider how much space you will need now as well as any space you may need for expansion in the future. If the population around the medical facility grows, your facility may need extra space to see patients or you may want more space to offer specialists or different types of providers.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Another important factor to consider when building a medical facility is cleanliness and sanitation. As you select materials to be used inside of your building, you have to keep in mind how easy they are to care for, how much foot traffic they can sustain, what methods are used to clean them, and if they can be cleaned and/or sterilized. People come into a medical facility with germs and bacteria, so you need to ensure the materials you select don’t hold these items in. Always research which materials are best for medical facilities and include these in your building plans.


Not everyone who comes into a medical facility can walk right in. Medical facilities are accessed in a wide array of different ways. An ambulance or a helicopter may need to access your facility. Likewise, patients may need to be transferred to your facility already on a bed or gurney, in a wheelchair, or on crutches. You need to ensure your facility can be accessed in a number of ways so you can properly care for the patients you plan on treating at your facility. Thinking about accessibility when drawing up your plans helps to ensure you add in ramps, elevators or ambulance bays to accommodate those who may not be able to walk right into your facility.

Security Features

Medical facilities treat those who may be mentally ill, as well as those who are injured. As such, medical facilities may need to have secure parts of the facility to treat these patients and to ensure the safety of both themselves and other patients. Carefully consider what types of patients you may be treated at your facility and what security features may need to be constructed as part of your facility to keep everyone in the facility safe.

Environmental Impact

Lastly, you should consider the environmental impact of your medical facility. Medical facilities can have a lot of waste and use a large amount of energy. During the construction portion of your project, you may wish to implement a process that can increase the sustainability of your facility. Adding solar panels or use environmentally-building products are just a few of the ways you can lessen the environmental impact your building has on the surrounding area.

When you are looking to build a new medical facility, you need a construction company who has experience with this type of building. There are many factors to consider, and you may not even think to consider all of these factors. A great construction company can help guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible on you. Here at MH Williams Construction Group we can provide you with design, administrative, project supervision, project management, and technical expertise for a wide variety of projects. Our team consists of everything from general contractors to construction managers, and even engineers. Call us today to discuss your construction project with us.