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What are the Most Valuable Tools in Commercial Construction?  

Quality commercial construction involves much more than what’s in the toolbox. Whether it be apartment construction, car dealer construction, or medical office construction, many complex parts come into play to get the project done. But many people wonder what would a construction manager’s toolbox look like? What would be his most valuable tools to pull out? They look a little something like this at MH Williams:

1. Teamwork

A well-reputed construction manager knows better than to hog the limelight. He knows he can’t do anything without a good team in the first place. That’s why a construction manager takes the time to build a quality team that works strong together before he ever starts a single project. If your construction manager takes the time to involve you with each step of the building process, that’s a good sign. Good construction managers see their clients as part of the team.

2. Confidence

If you’re a business owner or manager, you already know that strong leadership is important in your line of work. The same is true for construction management. You want a construction manager who is experienced and confident in what he does. You also want him to give clear direction to his team and subcontractors that empower them to get the job done. What’s the point otherwise? A confident leader will guide his team to finish a project strong.

3. Value

Most times, the client is typically not in the commercial construction industry. He or she is dependent on the contractor to deliver the best value. That’s why value is an important tool in the construction manager’s toolbox. Good value doesn’t simply mean cheaper, either. It means getting the best bang for your buck with quality materials and labor in a shorter amount of time. With the value tool, the construction manager will deliver value engineering with research and answer your questions long before the shovel hits the ground. Greater experience in this skill will also give the client a better value package. MH Williams Construction, for example, has more than 20 years of experience in delivering value engineering to clients long before the term became a catchphrase. 

4. Commitment

It’s one thing when you put the plans down on paper, but it’s another when it actually gets done. You’ve got a vision, and a valuable construction manager gets that. They’ll see the vision with you from start to finish and ensure that it gets accomplished. That’s what commitment does. It’s what makes the difference between a contractor manager who just does the job and a contractor manager who strives for excellence. 

5. Trust

We’ve seen how value, confidence, commitment, and teamwork are all vital in a construction manager’s toolbox, but none of that will hold together without the fasteners of trust. Think about it – if a construction manager is not trustworthy, how can you be sure he’s following through with everything else? Trust is a valuable, precious commodity in relationship building. Without a strong business relationship with your construction company, your building project will simply not finish strong enough. You take pride in excellence for your own business, so why won’t it be the same for the construction of your building?

Using the Right Tools at the Right Time

If you’re looking for a construction manager who has all of these quality tools in their toolbox, MH Williams Construction has you covered. Our dedicated team will partner with you to get the job done right at the right time. Not sure where to start? Contact us today! 

We’ll help you narrow down the options on what you need for your project. From office buildings to retail commercial construction, our team has a high reputation with building many types of commercial structures and construction management in Florida. Call us today to get started! (321) 757-5750