Construction site in the city aerial view

What Causes Delays in Construction?

Delays in construction can cause your construction project to go over budget and can delay the estimated completion date for your building. But if this is the first construction project you are overseeing, you may find yourself wondering what causes delays in construction, and what, if anything, you can do to minimize or prevent these delays. Here are four of the most common causes of delays when it comes to commercial construction projects.


One of the most common causes of construction delays is the weather. Weather can cause delays as weather elements can impact what construction work can and cannot take place on any given day. Unfortunately, many weather-related construction delays are unavoidable. However, there are some that can be avoided. When possible, try to schedule your construction-related tasks to align with the weather in your area. For example, you wouldn’t want to try to attempt to pour a concrete foundation in the dead of winter in an area with freezing temperatures, as you may experience delays if it is too cold for the concrete to cure. Aligning your projects with weather where you live can help decrease weather-related setbacks, but not prevent them altogether.

Material Delays

Another common reason for construction delays is caused by materials not being available when they are needed. Most companies do not order all of the materials that will be needed to complete a construction project at one time. Different materials are ordered at different times as the construction project progresses. This helps to prevent all of the money from being shelled out at once, while also decreasing the number of materials that need to be stored. Unfortunately though, if materials are not ordered on time or are forgotten about, the crew may not have the items they need on hand to complete the current phase of construction they are in. A great project manager will oversee the project and ensure materials are ordered when needed, helping to prevent these types of delays.

Skilled Crew Delays

The third cause of construction delays is delays in getting the skilled professionals you need to the job site. You may not need plumbers, roofers or electricians at your job site every day. But when you do need them, they may not be available if you didn’t request help from them soon enough. This can delay further progress on your building until you are able to get the professionals you need to the job site to assist you. Once again, a great project manager can oversee the project and ensure the professionals you need are there when you need them.

Permitting and Inspection Delays

The last common cause of construction delays is permitting and inspection delays. There are certain types of work that cannot be completed until you obtain a permit. And in some cases, an inspection must be done by a city or county inspector before you can move forward in the building process. Knowing when to schedule an inspection or when to pull permits can minimize your delays. But unfortunately, some areas are backed up or have few inspectors helping, that delays are unavoidable.

In some instances, construction delays are unavoidable, such as weather-related delays. In other cases, construction delays can be avoided by having the right commercial construction company to assist you. Here at MH Williams Construction Group, we can help you avoid material delays, delays with your crews and permitting and inspection delays. This can help you complete your project on time. Call us today and let us tell you how we can help you with your current construction project.