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Acquiring the Proper Permits for Construction: The Importance of An Experienced Design Build Firm

If you’re like many business owners, you probably dread the thought of building permits for new construction. Yet, you know from experience that acquiring a permit for a commercial building is not only legal, it’s the sound thing to do. Having a building permit ensures that your building to come is constructed with quality work, can withstand the natural elements better, and is safer for your staff and customers. It’s also invaluable for proof of insurance claims. Think of the building permit approval process as a service that your county and local governments provide from experienced professionals to you for a relatively low cost.

That said, it’s important to note that for commercial building projects, industry experts recommended for your builder – and not yourself – to acquire the permit. Any contractor who tries to persuade you to get it yourself to “keep costs low” could have a shady reputation they’re trying to hide, but a contractor in good standing will have no problem acquiring it themselves and being transparent with you. If the contractor is part of an experienced design-build firm, that’s even better.  It’s a win-win for you and for the firm. Here’s why.

The Firm is in Charge of Handling Risks

Any party who applies for and obtains a building permit takes the responsibilities of completing the project. That means if you run into any curveballs in the process, it’s up to them to address the problem correctly. When you have a dependable design-build firm who’s already experienced with the ins and outs of building codes, you can rest knowing that the job will get done the right way at the right time, whether it be structural specifications, plumbing, wiring, parking lots, sound barriers, or anything else unexpected that may pop up along the way.

It Requires Less Time to Process Permits

Another perk to having your design-build firm hold the proper permits is that they serve as your constant spokesman to the other players when you can’t be there at the job site or Building Department. Because they are well seasoned in processing permits from times past, they’ll know how to streamline the process and get the plans approved much faster while still maintaining quality designs with your intentions in mind. As professionals in the business, they’ll also be able to get it done ahead of time, which saves the headaches and hassle of trying to do it all on your own.

Plans Come Permit-Ready

When you’re working with a design-build firm like MH Williams Construction, there are very little surprises. In this type of firm, the designer and contractor work together in-house with you to draw up the plans and conduct follow-up meetings from start to finish. Because the designer consistently works with the contractor, the designs are more cohesive with structural integrity in mind. They are the ones who will know which plans are more likely to be approved for permits than others, which saves valuable time that could otherwise be spent trying to regroup with the contractor and designer and sending plans that get rejected over and over again.

It’s a no-brainer to see why experienced design-build firms like MH Williams Construction are a key player in handling the proper permits for construction. We are not only a one-stop shop for your structural and design needs but also your advocate who will go to bat for you with any other parties involved in the construction process. If strength truly is in numbers, then joining up with a design-build firm can very well make you and your commercial building stronger for it. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with obtaining your building permits or anything else you may need.