Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Builder

Hiring the right builder for a commercial construction project is an absolute necessity. Top-tier builders offer world-class quality while also customizing the project to meet your exact specifications. Unfortunately, finding the right builder can often be a challenge. Before starting your search, there are some important do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of.

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a builder include:

  • Foregoing an on-site visit before receiving a bid
  • Automatically accepting the lowest bid
  • Not asking for and checking references
  • Choosing a builder whose style doesn’t match the project needs

All of the above mistakes can set up a project for failure before it even begins. Our guide below examines each of these mistakes, why they should be avoided, and how to avoid them. With this information at hand, you’ll have the tools you need to choose the right builder for your next project.

Receiving a Bid Without an On-site Visit

While technology has made it possible to do many things virtually that were previously only done in person, there are still some exceptions. Arguably, getting a bid for a commercial construction project is one of these exceptions.

Getting a bid “sight unseen” of the actual project location has the potential to create other issues down the line. For example, the location of a project may present unique challenges that could increase costs or extend the timeline of a given project.

Ultimately, whenever possible, it’s best to meet your builder and have them physically examine the proposed site location. This will ensure they have a thorough understanding of the site and can provide you with an accurate bid.

Accepting the Lowest Bid Without Further Investigation

The importance of sticking to a budget when dealing with a commercial build is critical. However, when meeting the bottom line number trumps everything else, problems can arise.

When receiving multiple bids for a project, the consideration of each bid needs to go beyond the final amount. While costs are important, quality can’t be sacrificed in the process.

In addition to comparing the bids based on costs, it’s also important to look at:

  • Overall experience of the builder
  • Familiarity with past projects that are similar to yours
  • Proposed project timeline
  • Materials being used

Accepting the lowest bid is especially dangerous when it’s significantly less than other bids. In most cases, this is a red flag that this builder will cut corners on your project in order to hit the low costs they’ve presented you with.

Failing to Ask For and Check References

Speaking with previous clients of a specific builder is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Past customers could have valuable insights that could help you narrow down your decisions.

Keep in mind that most commercial contractors will provide you with a “hand-selected” list of their best clients, so you’re not likely to hear any negative feedback. Because of this, looking through any available online reviews for the company in question is also good practice.

Hiring a Builder Whose Style Doesn’t Match Your Desires

While some builders can adjust their style to meet your needs, many have a “look and feel” that most of their projects fit within. If you have a specific design in mind for your project that can’t be compromised, make sure your builder can meet your requirements.

Before choosing a builder, take the time to review their portfolio. Have they completed projects similar to ones that look like yours in the past? If so, this should serve as a green light to keep them in the running.

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