Commercial Construction in Florida Vs. Other States

Florida’s business district is quite unique. Much of it relates to tourism because of the warm weather, close proximity to beaches, and the plethora of attractions. Even the commercial construction in Florida is a bit different. Florida is perfect for building a business as well. Florida commercial construction builders understand exactly how the state differs from other states and is a great place to build.

Deep Foundations

Deep foundations have a high weight tolerance. They don’t need to take into account the freezing and thawing that foundations in many other states need to address. Additionally, deep foundations work well when soil is weak and compressible. They transfer the weight to the underlying competent rocks or soil. This is one way apartment contractors and commercial building contractors in general are able to build tall, heavy buildings safely in Florida.

Building Cost

Some parts of Florida can be more expensive than others. However, building materials are five percent cheaper in the Sunshine State than the national average. This is far less than more expensive states like California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, or Connecticut.

Lower Taxes

While commercial construction companies benefit from the lower taxes, businesses in the state also benefit from the lower taxes in Florida. In fact, there’s no state income tax there. These are mutually beneficial aspects for all parties. When those who build there are subject to less taxes, they can help strengthen the communities around them by offering jobs with competitive wages.

Strong Economy

Although this benefit relates to the companies who begin in Florida more so than the commercial building contractors in the state, the economy of Florida is strong in part due to the amount of tourism. Therefore, once a company decides to establish itself in Florida, there’s a good chance, as long as they’re providing something of value, that the business has success. This is especially true when compared to other states where tourism isn’t as major of an industry.

Codes to Protect Businesses

While some people complain about building codes in their states being overly strict and not about safety, it truly is about safety in this state. The building codes have much to do with constructing a building that holds up against the strong storms in the state. This is important to the insurance companies as well as the business owners.

In some cities and counties, there aren’t any building codes to govern how buildings are constructed. That means a commercial building company in those areas can be built in any way, even in a manner that isn’t safe for the environmental conditions of that particular region. Apartment contractors and other commercial builders have stringent requirements to follow to ensure the buildings can withstand heavy storms. Fortunately, it can be a cost-efficient and profitable venture for someone to choose Florida to build a store or other commercial building. They then have less risk to their building during a major storm.

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