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Committed to the Community: A Look at a Few of Our Projects

MH Williams Construction Group is a company that cares about the community around us. We’ve been in business now since 1987, and the community outreach that we do is as important to us as construction management. As commercial contractors, managers, and engineers, we are used to doing large-scale commercial and industrial construction projects all around the Melbourne, Florida area. It’s high-quality work that we’re proud to talk about with our potential clients. We are pleased to share some of the work we do in the community for beneficial outreach. Here is a look at a few of our projects in exploring how committed to the community we are as a company at the MH Williams Construction Group.

Housing and Outreach Advocates for Children

In Florida construction services, we have built 8 different houses as part of Nana’s House. They are a non-profit group that helps to provide housing and support systems for people that take care of foster children. There is also a group home on the grounds for children up to age 11 that need emergency housing due to having come from severe situations of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. This is one of the projects that we are most proud to be a part of in our community. Unfortunately, this need is truly great for these children, not only in our city, but across the country as well.

Another project involving our littlest citizens is the Dorcas Outreach Center for Children. This is a community drop-in center in the Melbourne area of Florida that provides services for children ages 5-18. It includes daily activities, healthy snacks and meals, help with homework, and mind-enriching arts and crafts. Nicknamed “the Dock”, this facility has the goal of helping children to better socialize with their peers in a safe environment that will set them up with goals and behaviors for life. 

In May of 2015, we were able to renovate the building. It was originally created for very young children, and we were excited to make the space more appealing to older teens. Another way this facility gets used is for senior citizens in our community who meet twice a week to have a nice lunch and play games, like bingo, with their friends as part of the “Golden Agers Club.” There is a computer lab in the building, which is for anyone in the community that needs to use this kind of technology and may not have access to it at home.

Helping Those With Autism

We have worked with Edward and Cheryl Scott who founded the non-profit, the Scott Center for Autism Treatment that’s located at Florida Tech. The goal of this program is to help children and young adults with autism to receive training and treatment that will help them improve their quality of life. The Scott Center offers a full range of services, along with the expertise of doctors and other field experts. It comes from the heart of Mr. and Mrs. Scott, who has a child with autism. They wanted to come up with ways that the entire family could benefit from addressing the issues that come up with raising a child with autism.

We’re Big Animal Lovers Too

In caring about all creatures, big and small, MH Williams Construction Group has worked on many projects with the Brevard Zoo. Our commercial construction contributions have helped to build the zoo’s vet clinic, their meerkat exhibit, an Australian extension, and a boardwalk for the African animals’ section that houses giraffes that visitors can actually feed. How amazing is that? The Brevard Zoo is an attraction that not only attracts locals on a daily basis, but tourists and out of towners, as well. Attractions like these help the community flourish!

Contact MH Williams Construction Group

At MH Williams Construction Group, all of these projects are close to our hearts. Thus, we are so happy to have the ability to help our community grow and thrive with each charitable construction project we do. This is just the start of our goals as a company to give back to the community. Want to learn more about our community projects? Check out our website. Perhaps you have a project in which you want to collaborate? Contact us!