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Community Matters and We Are Thankful for Our Community

After 30 years in business serving the Brevard counties and beyond, we’ve developed a sense of belonging to our neighborhoods which have allowed us to foster a strong commitment to building better futures for community members. The community depends on relationships, and business depend on communities to help them grow routes and provide services to locals and beyond. Through partnerships, positive working environments, collaboration, volunteering, and ethical behaviors, our community relies on us for support. as much as we rely on them. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our local communities.

MH Williams Commitment to Community

Here at MH Williams community matters. We don’t just build, renovate and remodel buildings, we do so with our communities in mind. Creating strong local communities and building bright futures is our main goal. In Brevard County and beyond, we not only give back to communities we consider their needs when working with building owners.

We are Thankful to Our Communities

Our communities trust in us to help build up the local scene, enhance their quality and commitment to those who live here while keeping neighborhoods in mind. With great schools, great weather and affordability, we are thankful for our community and all it offers. Making sure a business fits within the community is important to us at MH Williams. We also do our part to give back to our communities as members, business owners and participants in local culture.

MH Williams Community Outreach

Community outreach is important to us. Since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve provided outreach and support to the many needs of Brevard and surrounding counties helping important non-profits that benefit and impact our communities. Some places we are most proud of include: The Dock, The Brevard Zoo, The Scott Center for Autism, and Nana’s House.

The Dock

A drop-in center for children and teens, The Dock is a place that provides support services and a place for kids to do after school. Through our Foundations for our Future capital campaign, we are striving to build a teen center to give teens space away from the younger kids, allowing them time to interact in teen programs, build relationships and take a break from hectic lifestyles.

The Brevard Zoo

MH Williams works with the Brevard Zoo and our construction projects include the veterinary clinic and different exhibitions throughout the zoo.

The Scott Center for Autism

At the Florida Institute of Technology Edward and Cheryl Scott funded The Scott Center creation on behalf of their son Reece, in partnership with U.S. Representative Dave Weldon. This center provides clinical services, research, and training for parents and kids from all over the world.

Nana’s House

Nana’s House is a children’s home funded by the local community through fundraising and direct donations from businesses, individuals and churches. This complete volunteer organization provides a haven for neglected, abused, or abandoned children up to the age of 11 years old.

Why Community Matters

Building strong communities that meet the needs of all community members is an important goal. MH Williams believes giving back to the communities helps to build bright futures, especially for our youth through faith, activities, and education.  Since our doors opened, we’ve done this through donations, sponsorships and volunteer work. We also encourage our employees to get involved and volunteer their time.


What sets us apart from our competition? Community dedication, ethical business practices and commitment to our clients. By working together with our communities we build up neighborhoods with small and large which creates thriving businesses that make differences in those communities.

We are as dedicated to our communities as we are to our building projects and clients. Because of our success in Brevard County and surrounding communities, we want to and are proud of giving back to important programs that matter.


If you are ready to build, renovate, or remodel in Brevard and surrounding counties, call MH Williams today. We deliver results with integrity, quality, and commitment to community. Feel confident with our 30 years of dedicated client satisfaction.