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Duties of a Construction Manager: What to Expect

Are you looking for an experienced construction manager or management team in Florida? Need an adept professional team to handle your design build project, drive all of the pre-construction services, or complete a full industrial construction? Then look no further than our residential and commercial construction team at MH Williams Construction Group.

At MH Williams Construction Group, we know that our greatest asset, the reason why we have consistently ranked as the most trusted of Florida construction services in this area, is because of the people who make up our fantastic team. A quality construction company requires quality personnel with arguably one of the most important positions being the construction manager.

Duties of a Construction Manager: What to Expect

A construction manager is also referred to as a construction project manager. It is their primary job to oversee and allocate both the physical resources and the labor resources for a hired construction project. But, of course, you don’t want to just hire any construction manager, a local commercial general contractor, or retail construction company. You want to hire someone experienced. Someone who is guaranteed to go above and beyond to provide you with the expected services.

But what are those services offered? The following is a look at the job duties you can expect out of an experienced and qualified construction manager.


Budget and Labor Planning

It is the larger commercial builders company that will give you your primary finance and time estimate. But, it is the construction manager who will create the plans that ensure those estimates are followed through. In fact, it is often the construction manager who will sign off on the estimate. Then, they’ll carefully plan out each of the necessary stages of the building project to ensure it goes as expected.

Managing and Communicating Benchmark Tasks to Employees

The construction manager is one of the members on a construction company’s hiring team. This enables them to ensure that they get both the best employees for the job at hand and have already established a necessary rapport with them to follow through on your construction. Whether your project is an apartment building, shopping center construction, or any other type of commercial construction in Florida, we can ensure you a trusted team for your project. In addition to hiring the best staff members for the job and the contracting company, a construction manager is also tasked with managing those employees throughout any given project. Most importantly, this involves communicating essential tasks. Additionally, ensuring each team member stays on-task to guarantee the project gets completed on time.

Risk Management

This is an incredibly important duty of any construction project manager. Risk management involves identifying potential issues a given design build or other project might face during construction and implementing the necessary strategies to overcome those issues. The best construction managers will be able to put plans in place for anticipated issues. Additionally, they will have a solid plan on how to tackle sudden and unforeseen issues. Risk management generally is defined in two categories: Internal risk management and external risk management. Internal risk management involves things like unexpected scheduling mishaps or a design that is discovered to no longer be feasible. External risk management involves overcoming unexpected regulatory requirements. Additionally, safeguarding the project in the event of natural disasters and getting the project going once the disaster has passed.

Effectively Communicating with Stakeholders

Finally, a great, trusted construction manager is one who remains consistently in contact with either key stakeholders or their representatives. While this duty doesn’t pertain directly to the planning and construction of the actual building, it is no less important. A medical office construction, automotive construction, office building construction, and apartment construction are all expensive investments. It is your right as a stakeholder to make sure that investment is being taken care of.

When You Need Experienced Office Builders, Contact MH Williams Construction Group

Here at MH Williams Construction Group, we are proud to have some of Florida’s most experienced construction managers. These are managers who have seen thousands of projects completed, from design to final touch, without issues. Contact us here or give our team a call to schedule a meeting with a construction manager about your project. (321) 757-5750