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Ins and Outs of Renovation

Are renovations in your future? If you have aging electrical or mechanical systems, buildings are not up to code, leaky roofs, sky-high electric bills, carpets from the 1980s, and complaining tenants, it is time to consider a renovation. As long as your building is structurally sound, renovating it, rather than starting over is a great way to bring your building up to code and enhance it for the modern century.

MH Williams is here to help you answer all your questions and create a smooth process. We understand the ins and outs of renovation for all size buildings.

The Ins and Outs of Renovations

Renovations are a great way to stay in your building, improve efficiency in building operations and business flow, upgrade to greener standards, bring in new innovations, and increase cost-saving measures.

Mandatory vs. Optional Upgrades

Buildings require mandatory upgrades to make them up to code, for safety reasons and legal reasons.

Optional upgrades are a personal preference and considered when buildings need a new look or adding new and innovated products such as solar panels, LEED certifications, and functioning design.

Building assessments determine whether upgrading your building to adhere to current codes and regulations is necessary.

Contractors Matter

Selecting a licensed and insured contractor is the most important part of your renovation. MH Williams has proven experience providing quality service and workmanship. Sometimes subcontractors are necessary to perform build activities and we provide full transparency of our subcontractors required for your renovation.

Safety is also a number one concern when renovating buildings. MH Williams has safety plans and policies in place that follow guidelines addressing all hazards, health conditions, and safe working conditions for all employees to ensure safety concerns won’t interrupt that your renovation.

Signing that Contract

We’ve been operating in Brevard and surrounding counties since 1987 and we understand open communication and clarity in contracts. While contracts are often complex, we understand the legal aspects, conditions, and regulations required to complete your renovation. Ask us anything and we will help you understand.

Permits and Inspections

Florida requires permits for everything from new construction to renovation and upgrades for every property. As your construction company, MH Williams knows the required permits needed to renovate your buildings and when to obtain them before making any alterations to your property.

Along with requiring permits, all construction over $2,500 requires a notice of commencement or Inspection of the renovations. MH Williams works with community development to ensure proper planning, zoning, and building development during the entire process.

Timeline and Budget

Establish an accurate timeline. There are many outside influences that affect renovation timelines. Luckily in Florida and Brevard County, the weather is not one. With some of the finest weather featuring sunny skies and warm days, weather won’t impede your renovation. But other things might such as getting equipment and permits. It’s important to understand a timeline and the issues that might cause extended deadlines.

Set a realistic budget from the start. Before MH Williams breaks ground on renovation, we take time to understand and work within your budget requirements.

Materials and Equipment

While you must consider the building code and regulations from the start, materials, equipment, and building design also matter. Before renovations begin, decide on everything from flooring, paint, and lighting to the room setup and design. When planned right, you’ll ensure renovations complete on time.

Avoid Common Renovating Mistakes with MH Williams

MH Williams provides innovative design, administrative, project supervision, project management, and technical expertise for all building renovations. Starting with us helps you avoid those common mistakes made during building renovations, such as:

  • Setting unrealistic budget expectations
  • Sacrificing form over function and misunderstanding workflow. How you will use the space matters more than what it looks like.
  • Ordering equipment, appliances, and products too late which interrupts the timeline.

Call MH Williams today to plan your building renovation. We work with you to deliver the results you expect while handling all the ins and outs of renovation from designing, obtaining permits, to the finished result. Feel confident with us as your construction partner.