Renovate, Remodel, or Rebuild? Learn Which is Right for Your Older Building

Renovate, Remodel, or Rebuild? Learn Which is Right for Your Older Building

As your company grows, your commercial building may begin to show signs of age. The older building may no longer be energy efficient, it may look worn down, it may no longer meet fire or building code, or it may no longer meet your business needs – or the business needs of your tenant. When this time comes, you have to decide what to do to ensure your building remains functional, useful and aesthetically pleasing. When this time comes, the decision to renovate, remodel or rebuild comes to the forefront. Many people are unaware of the differences between these options and how to tell which is the right option for them. By working with MH Williams’ group of engineers, contractors, and project managers, we can help you make the best decision.

When is Renovating the Right Choice?

A renovation involves restoring the building to a good state of repair. This is the least invasive option out of the renovation, remodel and rebuild options. A renovation typically involves making smaller fixes to a building that help to repair distress and improve the aesthetic of the building.

If your building is in need of some repairs, such as updating electrical work, patching cracking drywall, and replacing worn floors, renovating may be the right option for you. The general layout and design of the building remains the same. The building is repaired, rejuvenated, and aesthetic changes are made to make the building look better and to repair minor problems within the building to keep it in proper working order.

When is Remodeling the Right Choice?

Remodeling involves changing the structure or the layout. This means that walls are moved, the flow of the building is changed or the structure of the space changes.

If your building was originally designed to house many smaller offices, but now you have large companies that want to move in, remodeling can help to blow out the walls and create a more open floor plan for the larger tenants that want to move in. Likewise, if your building is old and no longer has the required number of bathrooms, is not ADA compliant, or does not meet natural disaster building code in your area, remodeling the structure may be needed to ensure it meets code and is safe for occupants.

When is Rebuilding the Right Choice?

Rebuilding involves removing the existing building and constructing a new one from scratch. Rebuilding is the most costly and invasive option.

Rebuilding is typically the best option if renovating or remodeling cost more than rebuilding the building. Additionally, if a building is no longer deemed structurally safe or sound by an engineer, removing the building may be the best choice. Lastly, rebuilding is perfect for those who want to change everything about the building. If you want the building to be larger or smaller than it currently is, want to change the entire layout or design, or want to put in a completely different type of building, rebuilding is the best and obvious choice.

If you have an older building that needs a new life with improved functionality and usability, or to become compliant with new building regulations, MH Williams Construction Group can help you. Our group can manage your project from start to finish. Helping you decide whether to renovate, remodel, or rebuild with design, administrative, project supervision, project management and expert technical services. With a team of general contractors, construction managers, and engineers, we can help you with your construction project no matter the scope. Call us today to get started.