Sustainable Commercial Construction

As Vice President of Construction for M. H. Williams Construction Group, Michael Williams, Jr. has made a commitment to focusing on environmentally sustainable construction. As part of this effort, he adopted the “Green Contractor Certification,” a process that has not only obtained LEED certification but has been shown to help save time and money for the clients.

What Is Environmentally Sustainable Construction?

Environmentally sustainability has many different aspects. Environmentally sustainable construction goes beyond the construction project itself. It also helps to produce a building that is energy efficient and has less of an impact on the environment than other similar buildings. This may be through installing energy efficient lighting, water fixtures that reduce energy consumption, or through using building materials that help to keep a building naturally cooler .

Importance of Environmentally Sustainable Construction

Environmentally sustainability is important for a number of reasons. Ultimately, environmentally sustainable construction helps to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. It can also help with non-renewable resources, help keep recyclable or reusable materials out of landfills, and in some cases, may help slowly to reduce carbon emissions. All of this has an impact on the world we live in and the world we leave for future generations.

Environmentally Sustainable Construction Materials

There are many common examples of environmentally sustainable construction materials. Recycled metal beams are one example of sustainable construction materials. Green roofing materials, including living roofs or cool roofs are another example of sustainable materials. Window tint can be used on commercial windows to help keep the building naturally cooler, reducing air conditioning usage. Recycled asphalt can be used in the parking lot. And installing solar panels on the building can help make the building more sustainable, as can installing drought-resistant landscaping.

What Does It Mean to Be LEED Certified?

At M.H. Williams Construction Group, we are proud to be LEED certified. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a worldwide certification program given to builders who build buildings that are rated by the LEED rating system. A company must use certain building materials and focus on specific qualifications to help ensure that the building they are working on will be LEED rated.

What Is the LEED Rating System?

The LEED rating system is a worldwide certification program for energy and environmental design for buildings. Newly constructed or recently renovated buildings can be given a rating using the LEED system. Buildings are rated using a platinum, gold, silver or certified rating system based on specific factors. The buildings are rated based on many factors, including the building’s contribution to reduce global climate change, the ability to enhance individual human health, how efficient the building is at protecting and restoring water resources, the biodiversity and ecosystem services within the building, how well the building promotes sustainable and regenerative material cycles and the ability of the building to enhance the communities qualify of life.

Michael Williams, Jr., the Vice President of Construction for M. H. Williams Construction Group, has a passion for green buildings and offering building owners sustainable options. This passion led Mr. Williams to help ensure M. H. Williams Construction group offers environmentally sustainable construction to the clients who decide to do business with our company. We believe that businesses need to do their part to reduce energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. Environmentally sustainable construction helps businesses to do just that.

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