Construction workers on-site during a build project.

Top Safety Tips For On-Site Construction Projects  

Construction sites can be dangerous. There are a number of hazards present to those who are working on the job site, those who are visiting the site for inspections, or those who check the progress of the construction project. If your building is undergoing renovations or changes, you may have regular employees who are working in the building, as well as the construction workers who are working to renovate your building. These on-site projects present a larger safety hazard, as you have people who are not used to being around construction present at a construction site. Here are a few of the top safety tips for your on-site construction projects.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times

One of the top safety tips that can be given to anyone who is working at or around an on-site construction site is to always be aware of your surroundings. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you. In a perfect world, construction would only affect the area where the construction project is taking place, but this is not the case. A forklift may be outside of the construction worksite to move heavy construction materials from the front of the building to the area where renovations are taking place. A crane may be in the parking lot to lift heavy materials to the top of the building. Being so, you need to always be on the lookout and aware of what is going on around you to remain safe.

Always Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear

Another tip is to always ensure that restricted areas are noticeably marked, and to ensure that the appropriate safety gear is worn when entering into areas where the gear is needed. For example, if a hard hat is needed, always ensure that there is a barrier that prevents anyone from entering the space without the appropriate hard hat on. Safety gear, including eye goggles, safety vests, and hard hats helps to keep not only construction workers safe but also anyone within the job site safe.

Don’t Spare When it Comes to Safety

One of the biggest mistakes that people can make when it comes to on-site construction projects is skimping when it comes to safety. Prior to an on-site project starting, you should sit down with all of the employees working at the site and explain to them what is going on. Have a meeting to tell them what areas will be impacted, and what they can do to remain safe. From there, you want to have follow-up meetings or correspondence to ensure everyone knows what is happening with the construction project. It may take time and money to reach out to employees and teach them about on-site construction safety, but skimping in this area can lead to hazards that could have otherwise been avoided.

Always Research the Construction Company You Are Considering Hiring

Finally, the last safety tip for on-site construction begins before construction workers ever set foot in your commercial building. Prior to choosing a construction company for your next build, take the time to thoroughly research them. Check up on their business license, find out if they have ever had complaints or violations lodged with OSHA, and research if they have been involved with construction accidents. Researching a company can help you to learn if they are safe or if they violate safety rules and regulations. The safer a company is, the less likely it will be that you and your employees will encounter problems when a company is completing an on-site construction project at your commercial space or business.

Here at MH Williams Construction, we can help you with all of your construction projects, including on-site construction projects or building a new building from the ground up. We have a great reputation for keeping both our construction workers safe, as well as other employees or personnel who may be working in and around the construction site. If you are looking to have renovations made to your commercial building or you want a new commercial building constructed, contact us today.