What Makes A Great Builder?

At MH Williams Construction Group, we pride ourselves on being great builders. With decades of experience in the industrial construction industry, it’s a legacy of hard work and dedication that makes us such a valuable part of any commercial construction project. So how do you know before you hire a company what makes a great builder? It’s helpful to ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations by companies that have used commercial builder services before. But it goes further than that.

You need to explore some of the traits and skills that make a successful builder. Here are 5 common attributes of the best builders in the business. These will give you a little bit of insight into their skills and operation. Being able to deliver on these skills in spades is something that we pride ourselves on at MH Williams Construction Group.

Ongoing Instruction for Their Team

When commercial builders take time for ongoing instruction for their teams, it’s a sign that they are up on the latest trends and technology. This can enable industrial construction projects to go much smoother when upgraded tools and the best techniques are used. A great company doesn’t let their crews get stuck in old ways that aren’t as productive. There are all kinds of new apps and innovative construction management systems that, when learned by a team, can contribute to a better building experience.


Another aspect of an excellent construction management company is cross-training all their employees. When they all have strong cross-training skills, there are less likely to be delays with industrial construction because there is always someone on the crew that can step up and get the job done. That’s a great help even when others are out on a personal or sick day to have crew members skilled in all areas of commercial construction. Anyone can step in and pick up the slack to complete any of the tasks that need to be done that day.

Communication Skills

Having a team of people in commercial builders that have great communication skills at all levels is very important. It’s crucial to have pre-shift meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page with the work that needs to be done each day. This also helps to bond the crew together, so that they operate more efficiently as a team. Everyone does a better job on commercial construction projects when they know exactly what is going on each day, especially on the biggest jobs with a lot of moving parts.

Strong Leadership

Confident leadership that knows what they are doing is a critical part of any construction management company. You want to know that the building company, like MH Williams Construction Group, has a leadership staff with experience and in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry.

Great leaders know how to meet goals, take initiative, and share responsibilities with honest and upfront communication. There also needs to be a positive energy with effective back and forth communication with every part of the team. Builders that don’t have that won’t last very long in the industry. They will experience a lot of crew turnover, which isn’t helpful on any project.

A Portfolio of Successful Projects As A Builder

Make sure that any building company has a portfolio of successful projects that they aren’t afraid to show you before being hired. At MH Williams, we’ve done work within all different industries, including the auto, retail, aviation, office, and hospitality companies.

Our goal is to make sure that each of these large-scale construction projects goes off without a hitch. We have confidence in our workmanship from start to finish; we have years of experience backing up our word and work. That’s part of what makes us great builders at MH Williams Construction Group. If you have questions about our expertise in the commercial construction industry, feel free to give us a call or send us a message today. We’re more than happy to sing our praises about why we’re at the top of our industry.