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Your Post-Construction Checklist  

The post-construction phase is the most important stage of a building’s life cycle. It’s the time when trusting your building contractors matter the most because that’s when they review the building with you so you can be ready to manage it on your own. If you’re getting ready to go into your post-construction phase, follow our guide on what to look for when meeting with your contractor. 

1. Operational Manuals

It’s always advisable for the customer to have the operating manual for each equipment in the new building…even the simpler units. Information from memory or word of mouth can be altered over time, but instructions in writing are always consistent when something happens to a section of the building.

2. Equipment Training

Passing off the manuals and walking away isn’t enough. A quality construction company provides basic training for the customer’s staff on how to properly take care of the equipment in the building. Just like learning how to care for your first home or car, it’s much easier to get accustomed to your new building when your general contractor goes over the basics with you and your staff in a hands-on setting.

3. Walkthroughs

Top-notch design-build contractors will take the time to go over each detail with you in a walkthrough until you’re comfortable with your building. If you feel rushed or confused at any point during the post-construction phase, don’t hesitate to have them explain or go over something more than once. A good commercial construction manager is proud of his work and has nothing to hide.

4. Warranty Details

It’s sensible to know what product and labor warranties are included in your new building. Take the time to go over the terms of each benefit from the very beginning, leaving no questions unanswered. A good design-build company can help translate this information into more relevant examples. This is especially valuable for those who build complexes designed to be occupied long-term, such as hotel builders, apartment contractors, and hospital construction contractors.

5. Proper Handover of Equipment

Pay particular attention to how the contractor transfers the building equipment to you. Are all the correct documents in place? Is all the relevant paperwork there? And, are all the parts of the equipment present? Checking these things out (and speaking up about it) may seem like minutiae, but a quality contractor knows that every detail is important. 

6. Safety Reviews

Your construction management company should have safety as the first thing in mind. If safety is foremost in their company culture, it will influence safety reviews with their clients too. Take the time to understand the safety procedures of your building with your contractor. It’s best to have a copy of the safety procedures and policies in place too for staff and other visitors. 

7. Future Expansions

Hopefully, the potential of future expansions was already explored in your contractor’s pre-construction services. Regardless, it’s important to go over them again in the post-construction phase. By the end of the meeting, you’ll have a fairly good idea which areas of your building will receive future expansions easily.

8. Industry Reputation

Last but not least, observe your contractor’s reputation. It’s preferable to do your homework before you start, but it’s also important to continue observing through the post-construction phase. Ask yourself, do the contractor’s post-construction practices line up with what you read about? Customer service goes a long way in the construction industry, and chances are, if you read bad reviews about a construction company, it may be best to steer clear. Construction can have an expensive price-tag when it comes to correcting or having to reconstruct a build. 

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