Why “Zero Accidents” Is Important To Us

Here at MH Williams Construction Group, one of our goals is to have zero workplace accidents. This is important to us and we take action to help us achieve this goal. This includes safety training courses and using equipment with safety features that helps to decrease the risk of accidents. Here are a few of the key reasons why zero accidents is so important to our company.

Ensures the Safety of Our Employees

One of the reasons why zero accidents is so important to us is because we want to keep our employees as safe as possible, as well as any other contractor or inspector who may visit our construction site. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company and they do so much day in and day out to complete the tasks that need to be completed. We value our employees and the work they do for us so we want to ensure we can do everything possible to keep them safe. This is one of the top reasons why implement safety policies, have employees participate in ongoing safety training and invest in equipment with safety features that keep everyone at the job site safe.

Helps Prevent Delays

Another reason why zero accident is so important to us is because it helps to prevent delays. When there is an accident at a construction site, delays are likely to ensue. The construction site may be shut down until the accident is investigated by a state investigator or even OSHA. This causes delays that can push the construction schedule back and cost you, our client, thousands of dollars. We want to stick to the schedule and preventing accidents helps us to do that. In turn, this helps you to complete your project on time and on budget.

Helps to Maintain Fair Prices

Zero accidents is important to us is because maintaining zero accidents helps us to keep our prices fair and reasonable for you. When employees are frequently hurt on the job, workers compensation insurance increases. When this happens, the company has to pass the cost on to their customers in order to pay this bill and stay afloat. Likewise, if bystanders or other contractors are hurt on the job site, they may sue the construction company or go after their bond or insurance money. Once again, this costs the construction company money, which in turn, causes them to increase their prices. By working to prevent accidents, we are able to keep our operating costs as low as possible, which helps us to offer you fair and reasonable prices for your construction project.

Maintains Reputations

The last reason why zero accidents is important to us is because it helps both our company and your company to maintain their reputation. If a construction project encounters accidents, news and social media may report on the issues. It reflects poorly on both the construction company and the company funding the project. Reputation is everything, especially these days when a bad reputation can spread so quickly on social media websites. Keeping the job site safe and maintaining zero accidents helps both companies to maintain their reputations for being reputable, honest companies, without any of the bad publicity that can occur when work place accidents or OSHA shut-downs occur.

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